Roll of Honour

Wholesaler/Distributor of the Year

1997 NRS
2013 Oceanair
2014 Cool Designs
2015 Cool Designs
2016 Hawco
2017 TF Solutions
2018 TF Solutions
2019 TF Solutions
2020 Logicool
2021 Derbyshire Refrigeration
2022 MHI Direct

Refrigeration Ancillary Product of the Year

2018 Guntner (Guntner Masterpanel )
2019 Danfoss (Enhanced VLT Refrigeration Drive FC103 )
2020 Beijer Ref (FGASmanager)
2022 Bitzer Digital Network (BDN) from Bitzer 

Refrigeration Product of the Year

2005 Arctic Circle
2007 Arctic Circle, Simply C
2009 ClimaCheck Sweden AB for its performance analyser
2011 Gram Commercial
2012 Frascold and Klima-Therm – HFO chiller 
2013 WR Refrigeration
2014 Bitzer (Ecoline)
2015 Frigesco (Low energy flash defrost system)
2016 Foster (+stayclear)
2017 Adande (A+ Fridge)
2018 Bitzer (Ecoline+ CO2 compressor range)
2019 Bitzer (Ammonia Compressor Pack)
2020 Precision Refrigeration (Retro Refrigeration Back Bar)
2021 TEV (A2LsysteMatch)
2022 A2LcellarMatch from TEV Limited


Air Conditioning Ancillary Product of the Year

2017 Klima-Therm (Teslamiser)
2018 Daikin UK (Auto Cleaning Duct Accessory)
2019 Advanced Engineering (Hydrofoam 2.0)
2020 Toshiba (Mini TouchScreen Wall Controller)
2021 Humidity Solutions (HomEvap)
2022 VPX7 – RunQuick 10CFM Vacuum Pump from Fieldpiece Instruments 


Air Conditioning Product of the Year

2005 ebm-Papst
2007 Trox, CO2 Mission Critical Cooling
2009 Mitsubishi Electric for its PWFY commercial water heater
2011 Airedale International
2012 Arctic Circle – Fjord hydrocarbon chiller
2013 Toshiba Air Conditioning
2014 Klima-Therm (EXP Air conditioning)
2015 Advanced Engineering (Imperial Manifold)
2016 Toshiba (VRF)
2017 Mitsubishi Electric (Hybrid VRF)
2018 Samsung (ARM9005)
2019 Klima-Therm (Hybrid Adiabatic Compact Dry Cooler)
2020 Mitsubishi Electric (City Multi R32 VRF Air Conditioner)
2021 Toshiba (SMMS-u VRF)
2022 LG Electronics


Chiller of the Year

2019 Carrier (AquaForce Vision 30KAV Chiller)
2020 Carrier (AquaEdge 19DV Water-cooled Centrifugal Chiller)
2021 Trane (RTAF XSE – Sintesis Prime)
2022 CO2Chiller from Greencold in association with Advansor


Heat Pump of the Year

2019 Mitsubishi (Ecodan)
2020 Klima-Therm (Rhoss EXP/HT)


Maintenance Product of the Year

2020 Gel-Clear (Bio-beta Retrofit Pipe Support)
2021 Carly RCS (Carlysafe-RTU)
2022 AdvancedGel from Aspen Pumps

Trainee of the Year

2017 Dan Lapworth of Cooltherm
2018 Stephen Taylor of Kooltech
2019 Ryan Walton of AC Solutions
2020 Adam Walker of J&E Hall
2021 Luke Haile of Lightfoot Defence
2022 Gemma Weston of J & E Hall and Sam Mills of McFarlane Telfer


Project of the Year

2020 Aermec UK (Data centre cooling at Telstra)
2021 Fujitsu Services (Environmental benefit with low GWP refrigerants)
2022 E.ON City of London District Cooling and Heating Scheme from Carrier


Environmental Initiative/ Project of the Year

1999 Earthcare Products
2001 Balticare
2003 Bond Group
2005 Star Refrigeration
2007 ThermaCom/ ThermOzone, aircon chiller environmental upgrade
2009 Mitsubishi Electric for its Green Gateway Initiative
2011 Sanyo
2012 Tesco Stores Ltd – Forced free air cooling in supermarkets
2013 Toshiba Air Conditioning
2014 A-Gas (PERSY)
2015 Sainsbury Triple Zero Stores
2016 Climalife (Opteon Coo-op R22 replacement)
2017 Vertiv (Amdocs data centre project in London)
2018 Panasonic (Marina Village Greystones)
2020 Daikin (Partner with Confidence)
2021 Trane and Scottish Water Horizons (Stirling Council Waste Water – District Heating)
2022 Beyond Refrigeration from the IOR


Industry Initiative of the Year

2020 Logicool and REFCOM
2022 Mitsubishi Electric


Website/Online Initiative

2016 Climalife (app)
2017 Johnson Controls HVAC Parts
2018 Mitsubishi – The Hub
2019 Toshiba
2020 RACA Group


Service Engineer of the Year

2017 Gary Dowsett of Stonegrove Refrigeration Services
2018 Chris Bailie – BL Refrigeration
2019 Leighton Nottridge – CAD Air


Alan Moor Award

2005 David Payne of DTI
2007 Mike Nankivell
2009 John Morley
2011 Barry Lyons
2012 John Emm
2013 Miriam Rodway of the IoR
2014 Mike Creamer of Business Edge
2015 Derek Moore of Sabroe
2016 Mike Duggan, FETA
2017 Alan Green, Trox
2018 David Pearson, Star Refrigeration
2019 Mike Smith, BSRIA
2020 Karl Richardson, Logicool
2021 Peter Dinnage, Climalife

Commercial Heat Pump Product of the Year

2022BlueBox Titan Sky HP from Swegon