Who can make a nomination?

We welcome all individuals who meet the criteria of the relevant category to apply for the awards. It is important that all applicants review the rules carefully to confirm their eligibility and ensure that their submission is complete and meets the necessary requirements.

Can I nominate myself or my own company?

Organisations and individuals can submit entries for themselves or be nominated by a third party. 

Can someone help me write a submission?

We have several writers whom we work with who may offer their services to potential entrants. Contact lsencicle@datateam.co.uk for more information.

Is there any cost to enter?

It is completely free to enter the ACR News Awards.

What size companies can enter?

Businesses of all sizes may enter any category. The only exception is where a category specifically requests a turnover range.

Can I just send a brochure as a submission? What materials should I submit?

While a brochure may be appropriate to supply as a supporting document, there needs to be a lot more detail and an argument as to why your submission deserves to win. Check each category’s full criteria for what needs to be included. Otherwise, additional materials might include videos, testimonials, socials, supporting figures etc.

Can I enter more than one category?

Yes, you can enter as many categories as you want. Make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for each category before submitting. Make sure each entry you make is tailored specifically for that category. Identical entries across multiple categories may not be judged.

Is my submission confidential?

Excerpts may be taken from the front submission form for Awards related coverage. Otherwise, awards submissions and all supporting documents are treated as highly confidential. Only the ACR News Awards team and the judging panel will view them.